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MADRID'S EVENT IS A MONTH LONG INVITATION FOR PEOPLE TO VISIT MADRID’S MAIN STREET, LEARN ABOUT THE TOWN & MEET IT’S RESIDENTS enjoy learning about the history & development, from Madrid’s ghost town days to it’s present mix)

      The Madrid Cultural Projects organization & the Madrid Merchant Association worked together to put together bits of history as it relates to the different MAIN STREET BUSINESS BUILDINGS. Most of the shops in town have a posted info page with that history and some of the buildings have a plaque attached on the outside wall with info.
    Madrid’s main street has been a draw since the 1920’s, with the Christmas Lights Festival (& the TOYLAND in the ball field, according to the tales that are told, inspired Walt Disney’s Disney World.) The mines closed in the mid-fifties and Madrid was a much visited ghost town. The Mine Shaft Tavern (constructed in 1945) expanded the draw to year round, and the development of new Madrid makes the town a stopping-off point to and from Santa Fe. For many it is now a destination for several days stay.
    Originally a company town, Madrid, in two weeks, was sold off to individuals in 1975. For 35 years, Madrid’s main street (the only part of town where business is allowed) brought in artists, businesses, tourists, and summer festivals in the ball park.. It continues to do so and does so in part by consistently retaining the historic character of the town. Not just turn-of-the-century architectural style, but the actual turn-of-the-century buildings themselves. The Boarding House is listed with the National Historic Registry. Many of the private residences are also originals. Newer buildings adhere to, if not the strict style, at least the ‘flavor’ of the town (one business is a renovated railroad car.) Madrid’s 2 lane main street (Rt 14) is part of the Turquoise Trail National Scenic Highway.
     The success of Madrid’s main street is due to what you will find here, as well as what you won’t. All the commercial enterprises here are small, local, all-American businesses. No international chain stores. No national big box stores. No franchises what so ever. It’s Madrid’s total commitment to preserving the small town character, paying attention to the history of the community (which is well documented), that makes Madrid and its main street rare, if not unique, in America.

(the different organizations in Madrid: Madrid Landowners Association, Madrid Water Co-operative, Madrid Merchants Association, Madrid Fire Department, Turquoise Trail Association and Madrid Cultural Projects have separately and together initiated different ventures to preserve and develop Madrid…examples: MLA/building covenants, MWC/maintaining the water system and making a fire dept. possible, MFD making our many parades possible, and MCP (with the help of our state senator, arranged to receive state fund for the renovation of our stadium at the ball field—maybe completed by 2011!!)

VisitMadridNM.com or turquoisetrail.org or madridculturalproject.org
Madrid is on Highway 14 about half-way between ABQ & Santa Fe
Contact: 505-471-1054/ no registration necessary/just come
This event is sponsored by MADRID CULTURAL PROJECTS & folks in Madrid"

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